Are you scared of winter fun? Just have a bite!

Scared of winter fun? Just have a bite

Hey all snotnoses! Are you around one year old and probably never experience snow, winter and your first ride with a sled? You might have gained as well some years, maybe you’re already an adult but riding a sled still terrifies you? If so then welcome to read VIIMA Junior Rider Line’s first blogpost about how to be prepared for winter and sledding!

Hi, I’m Line, 2 years old girl from Finland but sharing my life in two countries, Finland and Denmark.

I remember my first touch to snow. It happened exactly one year ago in Denmark. I was turned one year old couple of months ago and learned to walk. My mother opened our outdoor, start to scream, took me out and put me stand on something white and soft. I was totally terrified and asked for some help to get out of the situation. You should have seen my mother’s face. She’s those people who are really snowlovers. She was thinking “maybe my girl will never love winter” and called my snow-godparents Riikka and Otso to help her and my father to get me love the snow.

Snow is not that typical thing in Denmark so the strange “white thing” was disappeared quite soon. Few months later we started our snowkiteseason in Finland and I started to get used to snow but then happened something. One day my father took me for a sledride and as a typical for my father, he was so excited so he started to run and run faster and faster and I wasn’t prepared to hold enough strong so I felt down. Shit I got scared! I started to cry and try to tell to my father “Daddy, thank you but no more sledding for me!”

My mother called again to my snow-godparents Riikka and Otso to get some help.

Last winter I warmed up myself in a sled carusel before heading up to steep downhills.

“Sled-carusel is a super good way to warm up your mind and body before some serious downhill sledding”, advices VIIMA Junior Rider Line.

My first very steep downhill ride with sled in Ylläs. Oh boy it was fun!

This is my very first downhill sledding experience with my mother in Ylläs last spring but let me give you a tip: never, never do this without snowspecs!

My parents bought me real snow specs finally and though I need those at the beach on windy day on summer. I didn't.

My parents bought me snowspecs finally and they though I’m ganna wear those on summer as well on windy days at the kitesurfbeach. But I didn’t.

Now, one year later and one year older and wiser, I have one really good tip for all of you who might be a bit scared of coming winter and all the funny things which are waiting for us such as sledding.

Riding a longboard is a similar feeling than riding a sled. So get one if your parents don’t already have one, ask somebody to pull you and enjoy the ride! When the winter comes, you are ready than ever to make a sledding speed record!

"Riding a longboard develope you mentally perfectly to winter and snowledgeriding", advices VIIMA Junior Rider Line

“Riding a longboard develope you mentally to winter and sled riding “, advices VIIMA Junior Rider Line

Just take a good grab, enjoy the ride and dream about the winter and snow!

Just take a good grab, enjoy the ride and dream about the winter and snow!

And then my question goes: when winter fun starts in Helsinki this year? I asked that from my parents and they told they know it. Oukei…my mother promised to write a blogpost about it soon.

by Viima Junior Rider

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